D=Drills; H=Homework; V=Video; P:Practice
  Sequence: Sign Operations          
78 Simple sign mixed operations D        
79 Simple sign operations D        
80 Simple sign advanced operations          
Sequence: Expressions
81 Expressions --Simplify--          
82 Expressions with distributive property --solved     V    
82A Expressions with distributive property-Simplify D W      
Sequence: Equations
85 Simple equations D W V V   P
86 Equations with distributive property D W V V  
86a Simple Equation with Fractional coefficients          
86b Equations / distr. prprty with Fractional Coefficients D        
86c Decimal Equations D        
Sequence: Word Problems
83 Words to Math   W      
84 Word Problems using equations          
84a     Numbers     V V  
84b     Motion          
84c     Coins & Finance   W      
84d     Mixture          
84e     Geometry          
Sequence: Exponents
77 Exponent concept          
87 Exponent operations   W      
88 Square root          
Geometry Sequence
89 Geometry: angles in a triangle   D      
89A Polygon shapes   D      
89B Right Triangle: Pythagorean Theory D T v v v
89C Right-Acute-or Obtuse T        
90 Geometry: Length, area, volume concept          
91 Geometry: Circle/side concept          
92 Geometry: Triangle area          
93 Geometry: Prism volume          
94 Geometry: Symmetry          
95 Geometry: Perimeter          
96 Word Problems in Geometry